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Q1 • How to add / modify my order?
We can not modify orders if they are sent.
You may cancel your order and send it back without extra charge.
Please call 0030 210 4296709 for information.

Q2 • I want to cancel a part of my order.
You must contact Customer Service to cancel your order and create a new one. If one or more products are not available, you can request a refund for products that are missing.

Q3 • How to confirm my order?
Once you have sent your order, i aepikoinonisoume with you by telephone and will receive email confirmation, which should list all the products, quantities and values ​​associated with your order
Please note the order number in case you need to contact us.

Q4 • How do I change my delivery address?
Before checkout
You can view and modify your personal details, delivery address etc.

Q5 • After checkout
If my order is missing things
If you miss products from your order, please contact our customer service center at 0030 210 4296709.

Q6 • I want to learn about how a refund of my order.
After partial or total cancellation of your order, you will contact the Customer Service Centre to let you know.
Depending on the payment method you selected when ordering, you will become, respectively, and the refund:

Q7 • Credit card on-line
If your order is paid by credit card on our site, the refund will be made to your card within 6 working days.

Q8 • Deposit account at BANK
If your order is paid via bank  then you need to upload to our e-mail or fax the deposit slip the bank.

Q9 • Where is my order?
• What happens when absent at the time of delivery or if a third person received my order?
If passed away and the partner company courier, you can:
- To receive informative or sms if you declare the number of your mobile phone with all the traditional elements.
Your order will be returned to be delivered the next working day.
Your order may be omitted from the third person.

When issuing the order, you will be asked:
A. pass.
B. To sign the receipt form to the carrier

Q10 • What should I do when receiving my order?
On receipt of a package, check the integrity and overall condition of the delivered products and adhesive strips secure the presence of carrier package.
If you see that has been compromised please notify us via email or phone to inform us on receipt of the package.

Q11 • What should I do if it found problems on the contents of my order?
All packages checked before sending. If you notice a mistake you make reservations in writing to order, immediately contact Customer Service within 24 hours from the time of delivery.

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